Summer Reading 2020

2020 Theme: Imagine Your Story

This year’s theme is “Imagine Your Story” and focuses on fairytales, folklore, and myths.  From Little Red Riding Hood to Hercules, the theme focuses on the stories we all know and love, as well as the story of all of us! Imagination, creativity, and storytelling will take center stage this summer.  We will be exploring stories that are old favorites, to discover and love.


Registering for the Summer Reading Program

As you may know, each year children ages 0-17 register for the Summer Reading Program and log the hours they spend reading. Once they reach a certain number of hours, they are eligible to win a small prize and enter their name in a drawing for a grand prize.  Registration opens July 6.  Patrons may call Ms. Molly to register.  After registering, we will add your children’s names to the software we will be using to log hours.  (Please note that no information regarding your child will available to anyone besides our Youth Services Librarian.  Although all patrons will be downloading the same app on their electronic device, they will not be able to see information regarding any other patrons.)

Reader Zone is a free app that was chosen by our library to be able to have a virtual summer reading program.  This allows your child to keep track of the hours they read throughout the summer.  After registration, you can download the app, find our library, and begin logging hours.  Each age group will have different reading requirements.  Once your child reaches this goal, Reader Zone will notify them that they have met their goal and are eligible for a prize.  These prizes can be picked up but please call in advance as we will be opened for limited services at that time.  Also, once your child has met their minimum number of hours, their name is automatically entered into a grand prize drawing.  Each time they meet this minimum requirement, their name will be entered the grand prize drawing, so encourage your children to read as much as possible!


No Internet Access?

If you do not have access to the internet and/or do not possess an electronic device, please call the library to register for the program.  We will keep a log of registered patrons and you can report your hours with a paper reading tracker.  We will have paper reading trackers available at the library available for pickup only.  Additionally, we have a pickup/dropoff location for our reading trackers at the Palmyra County Market.  Children are eligible for a smaller prize when they complete their first level, and their name is also entered into the grand prize drawing each time they complete the minimum number of hours.


Activities & Events 

Some of our favorite parts of the Summer Reading Program are all the fun activities we get to do together! We hope to still have just as much fun, even though we have to be apart during it. We’ve planned some fun stuff that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Performers: We have 3 awesome performers this summer who will be putting on VIRTUAL SHOWS! You can join us via ZOOM (more instructions on accessing these performers will be coming soon – closer to the scheduled time).

  1. MAD SCIENCE (science experiment show) July 21 @ 10:00AM
  2. JUGGLING JEFF July 28 @ 10:00AM
  3. CHEF BANANAS (A family-friendly magician) on August 11 @ 10:00AM

Virtual Story Time: Every Tuesday and Friday @ 12:00PM on the Marion County Library Facebook page.

Grab and Go Crafts/Craft Time: Each week, we will have two craft kits available as part of our curbside pickup program.  There will be a craft geared toward those ages 10 and under, and one geared toward ages 10+.  Each kit will have instructions and materials to complete the craft.  You have the option of completing the craft on your own time or joining Ms. Molly for Craft Time on the Marion County Library Facebook page on Wednesdays @ 11:00AM for younger children and Thursdays @ 2:00PM for 10+.

At-Home Learning Challenge: This program encourages families to get creative! We have 4 themed learning challenges that include book recommendations, themed recipes, crafts, and more! These challenges are designed to aid in literacy development.  They are optional.  The challenges will be sent out via email to registered patrons and can be completed on your own personal page.  We encourage you to send videos/photos of your family completing the challenges so we can highlight them on our Facebook page.



We love to reward a job well done, which is why we give out prizes when patrons have met their reading goals! Patrons must complete a minimum number of hours to receive their first prize.

Ages 0-4: 4 hours of reading or being read to.

Ages 5-12: 6 hours of reading or being read to.

Ages 13-17: 8 hours of reading or being read to.

After completing this minimum of hours, patrons receive their first prize and have their name entered into the grand prize drawing to win at the end of the summer! Each time they complete this number of hours, their name will be entered into the drawing.  At the end of the program, we will draw the winners for each of our grand prizes.  If you have won a prize, you will be notified and you can come to the library to pick it up.


If you have any questions regarding the new Virtual Summer Reading Program, I would love to chat with you!  You can email me at or call at 573-769-2830.  I hope you have a wonderful summer filled with lots of reading!