Monthly Newsletter

March 2021 Children’s Department Newsletter

Hello and Happy March!

Although springtime here in NE Missouri usually doesn’t start until a little later in the year, I’m always hopeful that it will come early. J Here’s hoping we’ll see sunshine and warm temperatures in the month ahead!

As we start to change seasons, I am looking forward to some exciting events in the library.

The first of these is Teen Book Bingo! Book Bingo has been such a hit in our Adult Department that I decided to bring it to the teens. Starting March 1, ages 12-18 can work to “get a Bingo” by reading books in certain categories on a Bingo card. The program runs till May 3 and when teens finish they are eligible to pick a really awesome prize! If your teen would like to sign up, all they need to do is pick up a Bingo card at the library.

Next, make sure you join us for our Bedtime Story Time in March! It will be on March 16 at 7:30pm. This will be a Facebook Live event on our private Story Time Facebook Page. We’ll be talking about houses and homes! It’ll be a lot of fun!

That’s all that’s new here, but don’t forget that we are open to the public! You are welcome to come in and browse for books. Don’t forget that we also have weekly Virtual Story Times and weekly Craft Kits to go with the Story Times available. Hope to see you soon!

Molly Briggs

Youth Services Librarian

Weekly Story Time Themes & Crafts!

March 2 Rain/Clouds with Raindrop Suncatcher Craft


March 16 House & Homes with “My House” Craft

March 23 Kites & Wind with Paper Kite Craft

March 30 Ducks with Duck Paper Plate Craft


Miss Molly’s Book Picks for March


Baseball Baby by Diane Adams

Although I have no sports abilities, I love baseball season! It’s so fun to me. This delightful little board book captures all the fun of baseball season for little ones.

Moo Hoo by Candace Ryan

A rhyming adventure full of giggles and charming artwork. This book follows a friendship between a cow (“moo”) and an owl (“hoo”).

Elementary School

The Midnight Fair by Gideon Sterer

I LOVE this book! It doesn’t have any words, but the stunning illustrations tell a beautiful story. I spent almost 20 minutes looking through this book because it’s just so beautiful! I highly recommend.

The Donkey Egg by Janet Stevens

This picture book has just the right amount of “weird” to make it charming. I laughed throughout reading it.

Middle Grade

Race to the Bottom of the Earth by Rebecca Barone

This exciting non-fiction book introduces readers to multiple Antarctic expeditions. Super exciting with lots of great photos throughout.

The Lion of Mars by Jennifer L. Holm

This story follows a ten year old boy who lives with his family in a colony on Mars. Strange things start happening and it’s up to our young hero to fix them.

Young Adult

This is Not the Jess Show by Anna Carey

This fast paced book is The Truman Show for Gen-Z. Jess is a high school junior in 1998, thinking about dates to the school dance and where to go to college. When one of her friends pulls a mysterious high-tech gadget out of her backpack, Jess’ world starts to unravel. It turns out 1998 was 20 years ago and she’s been living on the set of a TV show about her life. This was so exciting and I read it in one sitting.

The Electric Kingdom by David Arnold

A new fantasy/sci-fi book that is timely in our pandemic world! This book follows a rag-tag group of survivors left behind after a flu has ravaged much of the world. On a quest for life in a world that is now a shell of itself, these characters experience beauty, tragedy, and hope.

At-Home Activities

Letter Matching Free Printable:

I love this free printable that will help teach young ones letter identification. All you have to do is print and enjoy!

Flower Counting Free Printable:

This is another free flower-themed printable to teach counting and number skills!