Employment Opportunity


Salary: $42,000 – $50,000

FLSA Status: Exempt

Position Summary 

The Library Director shall be the chief executive officer of the Library and, therefore, responsible for the execution of orders and policies adopted and promulgated by the Board of Trustees and those prescribed by the Missouri State Statute regarding this position. The Library Director shall have complete authority to hire employees for all positions authorized by the Board and shall be responsible for carrying out all the policies of the Board. The Library Director also performs other duties as the Board, by resolution, may direct from time to time. The responsibilities of the Library Director also include helping to develop short-term and long-range plans relative to all areas of the Library. The Library Director shall provide expertise and direction on all areas, especially those including finances, expansion, staff development, professional services, and public relations. The primary responsibility of the Library Director is to develop all aspects of the Library to best meet the needs of the community. As chief executive officer of the Library, the Library Director generally receives assignments in terms of broad objectives and limits from the Board of Trustees. 

Essential Functions

  1. Execute orders and policies issued by the Board of Trustees and those required by federal, state, and local governments.
  2. Interact and relay information to the Board and relay information from the Board to the staff.
  3. Provide expertise and direction on all areas of the Library District, especially those including finances, information systems, expansion, staff development, professional services, and public relations.
  4. Be responsible for the hiring of employees and the organization of personnel within the Library; provide input into the development of employee benefit programs and salaries.
  5. Plan a budget for all areas of the Library and approval for submission to the Board; review major equipment requests, as needed.
  6. Develop short-term and long-range plans relative to all areas of the system including broad-based programs.
  7. Delegate responsibility to other staff.
  8. Maintain contact with area government, special districts, and school districts.
  9. Develop more efficient and/or appropriate technical operations, as needed.
  10. Constant review total library services in relation to community needs.
  11. Review and approve various programs sponsored by the Library.
  12. Keep informed of developments with the library sphere.
  13. Maintain the condition and currency of the Library collection.


  1. Develop goals and objectives jointly with the Board for the Library and a plan for achieving them.
  2. Act as technical advisor to the Board; recommend needed policies for Board actions; prepare regular reports embodying the Library’s current progress and future needs.
  3. Work closely with the Board Treasurer to follow fiscal procedures consistent with state law in preparing, presenting, and administering the annual budget. Maintain adequate insurance to protect the Library and the public.
  4. Provide new Board members with an orientation to the library including a review of policies, services, physical facilities, and other appropriate concerns. Attend all Board meetings.
  5. Employ qualified personnel to fulfill the mission of the Library. Ensure personnel policies comply with federal and state laws. Oversee annual costs.
  6. Evaluate the Library’s service plan, materials, and programming activities to ensure they meet the needs of the community and ensures those materials are cataloged using accepted professional standards.
  7. Maintain the physical plant and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws including fire, safety, sanitation, handicapped accessibility, energy conservation, and other applicable codes or regulations.
  8. Maintain an integrated library automation system and electronic information system that enhances library services and provides users with access to a variety of resources.
  9. Create and maintain the Library’s brand.
  10. Actively engage with other libraries, governmental agencies, non-profit agencies, and the private sector in an attempt to offer the highest caliber of service to the community.
  11. Participate in professional and community organizations; may serve on committees or boards of other community organizations.
  12. Select materials for the Library based on accepted standards for public libraries and in response to the tastes of the community.
  13. Catalog and classify library materials using accepted standards of the profession.
  14. Maintain close professional relationships with the other members of the various library consortia to which the Library belongs.


  1. Ability to lead staff using the Library’s mission, vision, and values as the basis for all decisions within the organization.
  2. Ability to organize work effectively and plan programs.
  3. Ability to analyze professional and managerial problems and recommend solutions.
  4. Ability to build effective professional relationships.
  5. Ability to develop good public relations including knowledge of and the ability for all decisions in the Library.
  6. Superior oral and written communication skills.

Essential Physical Abilities 

  1. Sitting, standing, walking, climbing, and stooping. 
  2. Bending/twisting and reaching. 
  3. Far vision at 20 feet or further; near vision at 20 inches or less.  
  4. Lifting and carrying 25lbs or less. 
  5. Handling: processing, picking up, and shelving books.  
  6. Fingering: typing, writing, filing, sorting, shelving, and processing.  
  7. Pushing and pulling: objects weighing 60 – 80 pounds on wheels.  
  8. Sufficient clarity of speech and hearing to communicate effectively with others.
  9. Sufficient clarity of vision to produce or review a wide variety of reports, correspondence, and related materials in electronic or hard copy form.
  10. Sufficient personal mobility to monitor library operations and to attend district, community, and public meetings at various locations.

Education and experience 

  1. MLS, MLIS from an institution accredited by the American Library Association.
  2. Extensive knowledge of public library operations and familiar with local and state laws.
  3. At least one (1) year in a highly responsible administrative or managerial position in either a library or a related field.

The Marion County Library Sub-district #1 (MCL) is an institution that serves the public, including children of various ages.  As such, the (MCL) will require a background check that, depending on the position may include: identity and address verification, prior employment history, education history, criminal background check, employment credit checks, drug test, driving record, and professional license verifications.  The library will pay the pre-employee background check fee.  The MCL complies with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and state equal opportunity laws, and all other applicable legal authority that affects the performing of pre-employment background checks.  

Interested candidates should respond to Library Board Secretary, Leeanna Delaney at ldelaney@myhomebank.bank with a cover letter, resume, and three references.