General Policies


What do I need to bring?
To get your free card, you must show a picture identification and proof of current address. A driver’s license or state ID with your current local address is the most common identification/proof of address. Please call the Circulation Desk at 573-769-2830 if you have any questions about other documents you can bring. A parent or guardian must sign the card application for individuals under 18 years of age. Parents or guardians must show valid identification and possess a Marion County Library card in good standing.

I live out of district or state. How can I get a card?
If you don’t live in Missouri or aren’t a member of the Missouri Evergreen Consortium but want to become a borrower, you can get a non-resident card for an annual fee. The annual fee for a non-resident card is $35.00. Call 573-769-2830 or check at the Circulation Desk for more information or to verify pricing.

Lost or Stolen Library Cards
You should report a lost or stolen library card to the library immediately by calling 573-769-2830. You are responsible for items checked out on your card. You can get a replacement library card at the Circulation Desk for a fee of $1.00.


• Children under the age of 10 (ages 0-9) must have adult supervision at all times while in the library, except while participating in library programs.
• Children ages 10 – 12 (excluding scheduled volunteers) must have an ​adult somewhere in the library.
• Children ages 13 and over may be in the library without adult supervision.
• An adult is defined as one who has obtained legal age, 18+yrs of age.
• The library reserves the right to require children ages 10 years and over to have adult supervision at all times if the child’s behavior warrants supervision.

Examples of behaviors that warrant supervision are, but not limited to loud outbursts, running, and disregarding staff instructions.


Marion County Library provides access to the Internet as a means to enhance information and learning opportunities for library patrons. These guidelines have been established to ensure appropriate
and effective use of these resources.  If you do not have a library card, you may purchase a guest pass for $3.00 per time.

Procedures for Use

Please sign up at the Circulation Desk to use Internet stations.
Use of the Internet stations is on a first come-first served basis.
You may sign up for usage for 1 hour at a time.
Maximum use of 2 hours per day.
If no one is waiting, additional time will be granted.
Library staff provides limited assistance in Internet searching. We also have several books on ​web searching available.
Computers will be shut down 15 minutes prior to the library closing.

Prohibited Uses

No chat room usage.
No personal software.
No copying, downloading or otherwise reproducing copyrighted materials.
No display of obscene, abusive, malicious, or threatening email, documents or screens.
No use of the Internet for any illegal activity.
No vandalizing, degrading, or disrupting the equipment, software, system performance or data of other users.
Sound features are not to be turned on without the use of headphones.
Patrons must respect the rights of others when accessing the Internet.
Library staff reserves the right to end an Internet session at any time if that patron is creating a disturbance.
No more than two persons at a computer terminal at one time.


Marion County Library may close in the event of inclement weather. It is up to the Director’s discretion whether we will close or reduce hours. This is for the safety of our patrons and staff. ​Patrons will be notified of closing via Facebook, KHQA and WGEM news television stations. Updates regarding the cancellation and rescheduling of programs will also be communicated via Facebook.