Curbside and Mailing Services

Curbside services will begin May 26 – July 1. 

Curbside Service Hours:

Monday – Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm

*Curbside service will not be available on Monday, May 25, due to Memorial Day.


What is curbside service?

Curbside service will involve placing holds on items and/or pulling items from the MCL collection for our patrons.

Patrons with any questions should call or email us.  Reference questions will be answered by telephone and email only.

A patron may ask for general requests, such as “5 mystery novels” or “10 westerns”, or specific items, such as “The Cat in the Hat” or “Gray Mountain by John Grisham”.  Library staff will attempt to assist our patrons in any way possible.

Placing holds on items at other Missouri Evergreen libraries will begin on June 1st.  Due to Missouri Evergreen libraries opening at different times, it may be several weeks before patrons will receive their hold(s) from libraries other than MCL.

Due to time constraints, there will be a limit of 5 items per card for adults and 10 items for children being pulled from the MCL collection and/or placed on hold for curbside. For mailing services, up to 2 items for adults and 4 items for children may be mailed.

If a patron calls within the 15 minutes of the last hour to place a hold on an item, pick up for that item will be moved to the following day we are open.

All holds placed will be held for 10 days.

Book returns must be placed in the book drop.  Because items must be quarantined for up to 72 hours, we request that all books be returned in this way for staff safety.


What is mailing services?

We understand that not everyone is ready to begin to venture out of their homes due to COVID-19 or for various reasons.  This service was created in order to provide those who cannot leave their homes access to library materials.  Please call us for more information on at 573-769-2830.



The only specialty item which will be allowed for checkout during curbside service will be fishing poles.

Patrons cannot enter the library building for any reason, including to use the restrooms.

All library staff will be wearing face masks and non-latex rubber gloves.

Payments for bills and donations will not be accepted by patrons during curbside at this time.

If you receive a late notice and are charged a late fee, please disregard this notice.  All fines will be waived at this time.